Do You Grind Your Teeth While You Sleep?

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Here is the Steven T. Cutbirth DDS guide to treating teeth grinding.

Most teeth grinding will occur while sleeping. Consistent teeth grinding might be suspected with a sore jaw and dull headache in the mornings. Anxiety or stress are not the only reasons grinding may appear. It can also be related to an abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth.

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Bruxism is a medical term used for grinding teeth. Bruxism can be identified by Dr. Steven Cutbirth through an oral examination of jaw tenderness and abnormalities in the teeth. Discuss a possible nightguard for teeth grinding.

Get Control
When tooth grinding occurs, the fear results in oral damage and pain. Here at Steven T. Cutbirth DDS we support oral health in many ways. Here are three things that may help:

  1. Control caffeine or alcohol intake as these may increase tooth grinding.
  2. Avoid gum and prohibit pen or pencil chewing. This benefits the jaw as it keeps the jaw from clenching repeatedly.
  3. Allow the jaw to relax; sometimes just setting your tongue between your teeth will help your jaw relax.

Every individual in our community from Waco to Waco deserves a good night’s sleep as well as a pain-free, headache-free morning.

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