Loose Full and Partial Denture Stabilization with Small Diameter (Mini) Implants

Categories: Dentures

Millions of people in the US are miserable due to loose fitting removable full and partial dentures. Fearful the dentures will shift or actually come out of the mouth while speaking, eating, laughing or sneezing, denture patients often become reclusive and avoid social interactions. Without implants, a lower denture is almost always unstable. Lower denture patients without implants are easy to identify. They usually have to tighten their lower lip over the denture to hold it in, producing a dour look on their face (RBF)!

No more! Small diameter (Mini) implants are fantastic for removable denture stabilization! The most common comment we receive from our mini implant/removable denture patients is “it’s not easy to get the dentures out!”

Under IV sedation and local anesthesia, the mini implants are easily screwed into the bone, similar to a wood screw being placed in a wall. Bone loves titanium, so it actually grows into the implant, making the implant almost a part of the bone and very solid.

2 – 6 metal housings with rubber “O” rings are placed in the denture. The “ball” on the top of the implants snaps into the “O” ring housings in the denture, similar to a snap on your shirt, but much stronger, locking in the denture. The patient can now speak, eat, sneeze and laugh without fear of the denture shifting or coming loose! We see the personality of these wonderful patients change! They start smiling and laughing easily. They eagerly engage in conversation. They say they have no problems eating and, most importantly, look forward to social interactions.

Dr. Cutbirth has developed many of the advanced techniques for small diameter implant placement for denture stabilization. He has published many articles on his methods. We have hundreds of documented cases he presents at dental seminars when teaching dentists these procedures. He is also an expert at denture fabrication, placing the highest quality natural looking teeth in the dentures in the correct position so the patient’s teeth and face look youthful and natural. Many dentures are made with cheap, plastic teeth at a “closed” vertical dimension. These plastic teeth look fake and, if the vertical dimension of occlusion is overclosed, the patient has horizontal lines in the face, downturned corners of the mouth (frown), thin lips, a protruding chin and an overall “collapsed face” appearance.

If you, a loved one or a friend has a loose fitting denture, do not spend another day in misery feeling like a social outcast! Remedy the problem. Stabilize the loose dentures with small diameter implants!