Tooth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Waco Texas - Steven T Cutbirth Sedation DentistOccasionally, it may be beneficial to extract a tooth from the mouth. Don’t worry! Waco dentist Dr. Cutbirth, DDS, takes a conservative and holistic approach to dental extractions. He will only perform a tooth extraction if it is the right thing to do for your long-term health and comfort.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Waco, TX

Dr. Cutbirth, DDS, completed an oral surgery fellowship and has the skill necessary to perform your wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Wisdom teeth tend to appear after adolescence. Their appearance can be painful and even damaging to the surrounding teeth. For most patients, wisdom teeth have a negative impact on a person’s health.

Our team will help you monitor your wisdom teeth and determine if wisdom teeth removal is important for you. Wisdom teeth can lead to:

  • A misaligned smile as wisdom teeth push on the healthy teeth.
  • Painful impaction of the wisdom teeth.
  • Partial eruption and a passageway for bacteria to enter the soft tissue.
  • Gum infections.
  • Jawbone cysts.
  • Jawbone loss.

For your wisdom teeth removal, Dr. Cutbirth, DDS, an experienced Waco dentist, will extract the teeth carefully and gently. We will provide information and medications following your appointment to give you a speedy recovery.

Why do I need a tooth extraction?

Tooth Extraction Dentist Waco Texas - Steven T Cutbirth DDS
Situations that may lead to an extraction include:

  • Severely damaged or decaying teeth.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Overcrowded teeth.
  • Emergency tooth extraction.

A tooth extraction or tooth removal can also prepare the smile to become more functional and aesthetically appealing. Some patients may have overcrowding and need a tooth pulled in order to undergo orthodontic treatment, such as ClearCorrect.

The Tooth Extraction Process

What should you expect from your tooth extraction? Tooth removal is a simple process for our experienced professionals. They will take x-rays to assess the tooth in question, and then we will review your anesthesia and sedation dentistry options with you. We will make sure that you feel comfortable with your tooth extraction procedure and recovery process long before you actually get your tooth pulled.

We will then gently remove the tooth. You may feel some pressure, but you should not experience any pain. If you require tooth replacement, we will discuss dental implants and dental bridges with you so that you can have your second chance at a beautiful smile.

Tooth Extraction FAQ’s

How long after tooth extraction can I eat?

It is important to stick with softer foods until about 24 hours after your tooth extraction and then it is best to avoid chewing at the site of the dental extraction for a couple of weeks.

How long does pain last after tooth extraction?

Pain from a tooth extraction, including impacted wisdom teeth removal, can last anywhere from 1-3 days and sometimes can fade within just a few hours of the tooth removal procedure.

When is it safe to drink soda after tooth extraction surgery?

It is best to avoid carbonated beverages for 48-72 hours after a tooth extraction procedure.

Tooth Extraction in Waco, TX

To learn more about wisdom teeth removal or any other form of tooth extraction, call our Waco office today near Robinson TX

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