Our Comprehensive Dentistry Approach

Dr. Cutbirth practices general dentistry and can treat most dental conditions. Taking care of patients with a comprehensive approach to their dental situation, and “like they’re a member of our own family,” captures the essence of Dr. Cutbirth’s dental practice. This comprehensive approach to a patient’s dental health does not necessarily mean restoring all of a patient’s teeth. Treating a dental patient comprehensively simply means that the patient and dentist understand the patient’s overall dental condition so that the best informed decisions can be made regarding maintaining the patient’s dental health.

Our dental office is not a high volume “tooth ache” practice. If you have a tooth ache, we will absolutely get you out of pain, but Dr. Cutbirth will not complete any definitive dental treatment until we have thoroughly examined your overall dental condition.

The concept of “Comprehensive Dentistry” is similar to that of remodeling a house. Prior to fixing the kitchen, the remodeler would like to know if the foundation of the house is sound, if the house has termites, if the owner’s plan is to one day knock out some walls, or to modify the wallpaper/paint scheme – in other words, what is the overall condition of the house and what is the overall plan for restoration?

In dentistry, much like home remodeling, everything is connected. Prior to any definitive dental restoration, the patient and dentist should know if the patient has any of the following presenting conditions: 1) periodontal disease, 2) decay, 3) large, unstable, leaky fillings, or 4) TMJ/bite problems. Additionally, 6) does the patient wish to change the color of their teeth, 7) are there other teeth with problems the patient wishes to restore at the same time? This question becomes especially relevant if the patient chooses to be sedated. With I.V. sedation dentistry, extensive dental work can be accomplished in one or two visits.

The cost of the “Comprehensive Examination and Consultation” is, and has been, $189 since 1981. Dr. Cutbirth feels so strongly about the absolute need for the comprehensive exam prior to definitive treatment that our office has never increased the price! No matter what you decide to do, knowledge is important.

We see many patients who need no dental treatment, but simply desire a thorough dental assessment, cleaning and oral hygiene/prevention instruction. We have all ages of children and adults in our hygiene cleaning/recall system.

Dr. Cutbirth has advanced training in treating:

  • Severely worn teeth requiring full mouth restoration
  • Porcelain veneers, crowns and fixed bridges
  • Implants to replace missing teeth
  • “Mini Implants” to secure full and partial dentures
  • Facial pain, including TMJ and facial muscle spasm
  • Occlusal (bite) problems
  • Bonding/bleaching
  • Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Periodontal (gum) surgery including gingival grafting and tooth lengthening (gummy smile correction)