Our Technology

Advanced technology plays a pivotal role in our comprehensive dentistry practice. In addition to being one of the only offices to offer IV sedation, we go above and beyond your usual expectations by providing innovative diagnostic technology to our patients. New dental technology allows us to diagnose and treat you more accurately, so that you can enjoy a more comfortable treatment process.

If you want your dental work done right, you can trust Dr. Steven Cutbirth and his team. Their technology and expertise allow them to guarantee you high success rates for any procedure.

Digital X-Rays

Our digital x-rays are safer than the traditional type. Digital x-rays allow us to take detailed images of your mouth with 95% less radiation than conventional x-rays.

Our digital x-rays produces pictures of the teeth, bones, and surrounding soft tissues. They help us identify any problems in these areas so that we can work quickly to keep your teeth healthier and help you avoid needing more complex dental work in the future.

Scientific Photography

Utilizing intraoral scientific photography as a diagnostic tool for viewing different angles of the mouth. Just a few years ago, we could have never seen the oral cavity with this kind of precision! Intraoral scientific photography gives us the ability to view the entire mouth on a monitor and get an up-close look at any potential issues.

The patient will have the opportunity to see first-hand the same images Dr. Cutbirth is seeing. These images help the patient understand their oral health and help us gain procedure acceptance from insurance companies.


Utilizing a panograph gives us an overview of both the upper and lower arches, along with the anatomic structures that support them. The panograph doesn’t require x-ray film or traditional techniques. The machine circles around the head and ensures accurate dental implants and other procedures.

Advanced Dental Imaging

The key to perfect procedures is high quality imaging of the teeth and mouth. Our advanced radiography allows us to take 3D, low radiation, high resolution images of your facial anatomy. We can view these images from different angles so that we can take exact measurements and share the results instantly.

Your appointments will be efficient and enlightening at our practice. Thanks to advanced dental imaging, your exams are safer than before. To schedule your appointment, give us a call today!