My family has been going to Dr. Cutbirth since I was a little boy. Doc and his staff took care of myself, my sister, and especially my mom from simple, to wisdom teeth, and later procedures I dare not even pronounce for Mom. This is a man who you can trust even on a golf course when no one is looking. 30 years of service is no small achievement. If you are looking for a Dentist with an amazing family and staff that has proven over time they are the best I recommend Steven Cutbirth AKA “Shark Avenger”.

I have been a patient of Dr. Cutbirth’s for over 15 years. I needed a dentist I could trust and not second guess…I found that in Dr. Cutbirth! Also, his nursing staff are just as professional and personable as Dr. Cutbirth!! The office staff will make you feel welcome and are eager to assist you in any and every way possible!!!

I actually began going to Dr. Cutbirth when his daughter, Caroline, said her dad could help me with my TMJ. After he resolved those issues, I stayed because of the excellent dental care that I received. I always feel that each person who works in this office is interested in me professionally and personally, and this attitude comes from a leader like Dr. Cutbirth.

I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Cutbirth and staff. They honestly care for and treat you like family.

Great experience. Wonderful staff that are very personable and fun. Dr. Cutbirth is a caring perfectionist at at the top of his field. Thanks again

Dr. Cutbirth has taken wonderful care of us. I would be happy to recommend him.

I greatly appreciate the effort Dr. Cutbirth puts into making my children comfortable at the dentist office! He has taught our family a lot about improving tooth health and it has made a lot of difference. Thank you Dr. Cutbirth’s office for making a dental visit be a good day instead of something we dread!

I was always afraid of going to the dentist. I’ve heard horror stories from friends of mine about their experiences and this has always kept me away. I had a dental emergency one day and so I was forced to visit one. I’m so glad I found Dr. Cutbirth. The care he showed me was exceptional and the professionalism with which he worked was unmistakable. There was no pain, and I felt assured the entire time. I got my problem handled rapidly and now I visit him regularly for usual checkups. Thanks a lot!

Finding a good dentist is like finding a good mechanic. Once you have one, stick with him! Dr. Cutbirth is that dentist. Very professional staff, friendly service, expert care. I wouldn’t go to or recommend anyone else. I am very satisfied with my service. I would send anyone afraid of going to the dentist to him as he has the lightest touch I’ve ever experienced in dentistry.

My husband has never really been a person to go to the dentist. He had a bad experience when he was young and never went back. Finally after months of urging him to just get a simple checkup he did. I expected him to come back complaining about the visit and saying that he would never go again. Quite the opposite. He was telling me how I was right, and how it wasn’t bad at all. Thank-you Dr. Cutbirth for giving him such great care!

I have had dental problems for most of my life. Lots of cavities and gum problems too. Tried lots of dentists and home remedies but nothing worked in the long-run. I went to see Dr. Cutbirth and he handled it all! He gave me a very informative and in-depth analysis of what the problems were, their causes and what he could do for them. He didn’t give me any unrealistic promises. He told me exactly what I would need, and how to go about it. His skill is unmatched! Each visit I felt comfortable and confident in his ability. Only a few months later, and my mouth is almost completely fixed! Best experience with a dentist ever!

I would most definitely recommend Dr. Cutbirth to anyone. The professionalism and care that not only he, but his entire staff have, is phenomenal. No hassles at all. He also has what I like to call the “magic touch.” Never have I had so little discomfort at a dentist. Even the injections didn’t hurt! This guy really knows his business. 5 stars!

I’ll admit that I’m not the most careful person when it comes to oral hygiene, but I do brush and use mouthwash regularly, so I was surprised when I found out I had 3 cavities. I started feeling a little skeptical, like “the dentist needs return clients, so of course he’s going to find something wrong.” I got ready to hear a “sales pitch” about all the different dental treatments I was going to need and how much it was going to cost. Instead what I heard was a detailed explanation of how I could quickly remedy the problems and keep my teeth healthy to avoid more fillings and procedures. I certainly didn’t expect that! But that’s the kind of dentist that Dr. Cutbirth is. He really wants to help his patients take care of their teeth. He handled the cavities in a short visit and told me how to avoid future problems. I would recommend him for sure! Great care. That’s the key difference: CARE.

To anyone afraid of visiting a dentist: Go see Dr. Cutbirth! I was scared of the dentist too. Scared of the pain and discomfort usually involved with dental procedures. Dr. Cutbirth worked on my teeth and I never felt a thing! He even did my root canal! He is like a dental magician because I don’t know how he does it. He gets the job done quickly and effortlessly, and is friendly and professional the whole way through.

I’ve always been embarrassed by my smile. My parents didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, so dental care was not on their priority list. I needed braces and from not having them, was left with a very unsightly smile. I went to see Dr. Cutbirth and was expecting to be told that it would take years to fix my teeth and that it would also be very painful. Not at all. Dr. Cutbirth patiently went over with me all the points that needed to be addressed and gave me an accurate estimation of how long it would take to handle. He was very friendly and patiently answered all of my questions. When I asked how painful it would be, he told me that the dental procedures would be completely PAIN FREE! Boy he was right! He is a true craftsman in his field, working very precisely, with great care and attention to detail. It really didn’t hurt at all! Now I can smile with my friends without being self-conscious. Thank-you very much!

Dental procedures used to scare the living daylights out of me. I’ve cried a few times while having my teeth worked on, and it’s embarrassing! So naturally I would shy away from the dentist. A friend told me about Dr. Cutbirth and how I should give him a try. I reluctantly went and I am SOOOOOOO glad I did! He is nothing like my other dentist! He is friendly and works without causing pain. He handled my cavities and I honestly didn’t feel anything. He explained everything each step of the way and I was calm the whole time. Great experience!

Dr. Cutbirth is by far the best dentist I have ever visited. Somehow he manages to do his work without causing any discomfort to the patient. He and his staff are very friendly and I feel very “at home” in his office. The work he does is great too! I am very pleased with my experience with him.