Porcelain Veneers: Restore Those Yellow, Crowded, Uneven, Chipped, Unattractive Teeth!

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry

Life is more wonderful with a beautiful smile!

Some teeth are unattractive from the beginning due to color, crowding or teeth length issues. In other cases teeth wear out, chip or become yellow simply from time on the planet.

Studies show attractive people often have a life advantage. Unfair, but that’s just the way it is. A healthy, beautiful smile is a fantastic “door opener” when it comes to job placement and personal relationships.

I could write a book on the incredible things that have happened to patients in our practice almost immediately after getting their smile fixed! Single people meeting and marrying someone within 6 months of their smile makeover after being single or divorced for 10 – 20 years. A woman working for years in a lower level job for a hotel chain, getting her unattractive smile “dazzled” with a smile makeover, then within 1 year being promoted and supervising 500 people in the same company. Countless patients seriously out of shape, changing their smile from unattractive to gorgeous, then six months later reappearing in our office in drop dead beautiful physical condition with a sexy new hairstyle!

Are these incredible personal and business changes because of the new way these people are perceived by others or is it the new way they perceive themselves? I am certain it is both! Like the line in the Bonnie Raitt song, “We laugh just a little too loud” when you’re in love! People just feel better and confident when know they look good! When you’ve got a zit on the end of your nose, that’s not the day you want to interview for a new job or meet some potentially great person on a blind date! The same is true with unattractive teeth. Unattractive teeth are a super personal downer! Knowing you make a wonderful appearance has an undeniable, super positive personality effect.

Porcelain veneers can turn an unattractive smile into one of your greatest assets in as little as two appointments! Just think, in one months time you could change that smile you were ashamed of, either half smiling or covering your smile with your hand, into knock ‘em dead dazzling!

Porcelain veneers beautifully restore yellow, dark, splotched, chipped, broken, short and crowded teeth in as little as two appointments. Each veneer case shade is specifically selected. I work with a master porcelain ceramist in Chicago, considered one of, if not the finest porcelain ceramists in the world. The difference between a master ceramist and a commercial laboratory is a veneer or crown fabricated by a master ceramist has color, surface contour, light refraction and reflection and strength similar to the most beautiful natural teeth. Each veneer is custom made. When restoring the entire smile, the shade my patients and I love I refer to as “natural light.” The final result is white, but “naturally white,” not “opaque white,” with the perfect amount of translucency and light refraction and reflection, so the final restoration appears like the most beautiful, natural bleached teeth. Veneers are actually more beautiful than the most beautiful natural bleached teeth!

Veneers are ultra thin, custom-made porcelain coverings. The veneers normally cover the interproximal, facial and incisal surfaces of the teeth. Once properly cemented, they are as strong as natural teeth. As previously stated, if only porcelain veneers are needed for restoration, once the teeth are cleaned and the gums healthy, the restoration often requires just two appointments, approximately one month apart. One appointment is for preparing the teeth for porcelain veneers and the second appointment is for placing the veneers. During the time between teeth preparation and veneer seating, custom provisional restorations are fabricated and worn on the prepared teeth. These provisional restorations look great, much nicer than your original teeth.

Most of our patients are sedated with an IV of Versed and Demerol for the teeth preparation and veneer seating appointments. IV sedation is very, very safe. It is not a general anesthetic. During IV sedation, you breathe for yourself. IV sedation relaxes you so you are largely unaware of treatment or the passage of time. IV sedation is a wonderful way to have your teeth restored!