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At Steven T. Cutbirth DDS in Waco we are committed to the highest standards of dental care, and to the experience our patients have in our office. We’re proud to have an excellent and caring staff.

Communication is one of our biggest priorities. It’s important to us that you know exactly what is going on in each appointment. Dentistry is a highly specialized field, and we may occasionally lapse into jargon that might not make sense. We try to avoid that, but never hestitate to ask us to clarify one point or another.

We may be dental professionals, but we get checkups, too. We know what it’s like to sit in the dentist’s chair. Empathy is an irreplaceable asset.

In all likelihood, you scheduled your appointment with us months ahead. We respect your time, and try to minimize how long you’re in the waiting room. But sometimes procedures take longer than expected, or an emergency appears. If there is any kind of delay we will do our best to mitigate its impact on you.

At Steven T. Cutbirth DDS in Waco, every patient is important to us. We want you to be satisfied with the time you spend in our office. People from Woodway, Hewitt, and Robinson come to us for general and cosmetic dentistry. Call us to schedule your next checkup today!

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