We Take Jaw Pain Seriously

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Waco TMJ Treatment

If you are impacted by temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD, you know how the pain and discomfort can affect your quality of life. At Steven T. Cutbirth DDS in Waco, TMD (TMJ) treatment has helped countless patients manage their condition. The initials TMJ and TMD are often used interchangeabley, even among dental professionals. For the…

You are NOT CRAZY!!! TMJ Facial Pain is Often Misdiagnosed

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Facial muscle pain. TMJ pain. Trigeminal neuralgia. These are real, life altering problems, often misdiagnosed and mistreated. Just last week I examined and began treatment on a woman from the DFW metroplex who had been suffering with TMJ pain and dysfunction, along with facial muscle pain, since she was first married in her early 20s.…